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Satellite TV Descrambler


A satellite TV descrambler is also called “legal boxes”. Some satellite channels (such as HBO) are encrypted and authorized users only can access them. If you are to watch such channel, you will need a satellite TV descrambler to decode the signal. A satellite TV descrambler can be bought by an authorized reseller, however you will need a valid subscription with your satellite television provider as well.

In certain cases, you will not need a separate satellite TV descrambler as it might be built in your receiver. A tip for the ones that are not technical savvy – such receiver will be caller IRD or Integrated Receiver Descrambler. There is one thing you should consider in case you are offered to get an IRD. Make sure you are buying a VC-II+ RS integrated receiver descrambler. VC-II+ RS is a forthcoming broadcasting system so you should be prepared or at least have an RD that can be upgraded to VC-II+.

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If you already have a satellite system in place but you would like to get access to some scrambled channels you will have to get a satellite TV descrambler separately. A satellite TV descrambler may cost between $5 and $400 depending on the quality and the amount of service provided.

The good news is that you will still be able to watch many TV programs even with no satellite TV descrambler. Many consumers believe that the descrambler is a necessity as all of the satellite channels are scrambled. However, the truth is that there are many free movie, news and sports channels, let alone the audio ones.

Another affordable option is to watch out for sales at the big TV companies. Usually they offer very competitive prices on satellite TV descramblers when renewing their equipment. However, you should check if this descrambler is compatible with your network. Some old descramblers may not allow you to watch the newest channels available. In this respect, it is better to ask your TV Company what they can offer you and get one that most suit your budget.

There are some illegal satellite TV descramblers being at the market. They are designed to provide service with no payment. However, this is a serious law breech and you may suffer badly from using such devices. Moreover this is just a temporarily solution as the TV company will figure out what you are doing and stop the service within a few months.